Ekualiti is a suite of cloud-based ERP software designed specifically for the business process needs of higher education institutions of all sizes.

Based on open-source Kuali software and built on the Amazon AWS platform, Ekualiti delivers secure, reliable, scalable, and affordable administrative software built just for higher education. Ekualiti provides a substantially lower total cost of ownership than proprietary software, and is by far the easiest way to implement Kuali applications.

Ekualiti is not a “fork” of Kuali, but a downstream package, and maintaining complete compatibility with Kuali is a top Ekualiti priority. Institutions may choose to host Kuali system on-site or Vivantech will provide complete cloud-based hosting, disaster recovery services, implementation of releases and upgrades, customizations, and support in a turn-key fashion, allowing the institution to focus its resources on more strategic priorities. Ekualiti makes it easier than ever to leverage Kuali’s workflow capabilities. Unlike other workflow tools whose user interfaces are just programming languages in disguise, Ekualiti ERP software’s Visual Workflow truly puts simplicity first, enabling easy implementation of simple business processes.

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Kuali is a suite of community based, open source administrative systems and automated tools for all higher education institutions of any size or complexity. If your university is new to Kuali, Ekualiti is a perfect gateway to put this world-class open source software to use. Rice is the core middleware platform that powers Kuali.

Ekualiti Rice is the easiest way to get the most from the Kuali Platform. If you’re interested in Kuali but aren’t ready to take on a major Kuali application, try using Ekualiti Rice for its simple, cloud-based workflow automation, and lay the groundwork for Kuali at your institution.


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A cloud-based, open source eRA from the Kuali Experts. The days of bulky, complex, hard to navigate compliance procedures are over. Now your university can spend less time on bureaucratic overhead and more time on research.

Kuali Coeus (KC) is a comprehensive system designed specifically to manage universities’ unique and complex research administration needs from the faculty administration phase to federal funding. Vivantech introduces Ekualiti KC (Kuali Coeus), the first major Kuali application on the new Ekualiti platform. Ekualiti KC enhances Kuali’s comprehensive research administration offering with an enhanced user interface, out-of-the-box reports, and easy cloud-based delivery that will get you up and running in minutes.

Ready-to-Use Reports: Ekualiti KC comes with many of the most useful research administration reports available out-of-the-box. All reports can be filtered by Principal Investigator, date range and other parameters, and can be viewed right in the Ekualiti web interface.

Ekualiti KC Standard Reports Include:
    • Proposals by Sponsor
    • Proposals by Sponsor-type
    • Proposals by Proposal-type
    • Proposals by Activity-type
    • Proposals by Status
    • Pending Proposals
    • Awards Received
    • Awards by Award-type
    • Awards by Activity-type
    • Awards by Sponsor

Ekualiti KC Mobile


Vivantech offers mobile companion applications for both Android and iOS platforms as a standard component of Ekualiti KC. The streamlined experience for users on the go provides access to the two most commonly routed eDocs, Proposal Development and Award. Mobile users can easily view the contents of the eDocs and make approval decisions with the click of a button. With security an utmost priority, users are subject to the same roles and permissions as when accessing Ekualiti KC via the web-based interface.

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Ekualiti is a natural fit for small to mid-size higher education institutions that may lack the IT resources to successfully develop or deploy open source software solutions. Historically, this has made it difficult for small schools to adopt solutions like Kuali, but with a fully-managed service like Ekualiti, completely changes the equation. Now, even small schools can get their own Kuali servers running in minutes instead of months, and leave the upgrades, bug fixes, backups, and system availability to Ekualiti.

Vivantech clearly understands the challenges that colleges and universities face as they automate their business processes. Small colleges like ours feel the pressure to reduce licensing costs. Kuali-based software in the cloud helped us overcome our resource limitations, plus it made deployment so much faster.

Kent Brooks, Director of IT at Casper College in Wyoming

We have been implementing Ekualiti Rice and Ekualiti KC into our ERP system and six months into the process, we’re very happy to be working with Vivantech. To provision those accounts for different applications is very complex and is a manually intensive endeavor. Vivantech has adapted to everything we’ve asked and found ways to match our requirements

Dennis Stutes, CTO at Alliant International University

large schoolsEven though large higher ed institutions are better positioned to develop software solutions internally than small to mid-sized institutions, that doesn’t mean that they can afford to waste money on administrative software. The Ekualiti platform frees higher ed IT department from getting stuck paying top-dollar for proprietary solutions, and from having to hassle with deployment, upgrades, backups, and administration of Kuali applications. Ekualiti leverages the economies of scale to offer the same high-quality, fully-automated, secure and scalable cloud platform to any institution that can benefit from enterprise-grade Kuali software.

Large universities will find Ekualiti’s UI, upgrade tools, flexibility, and scalability very attractive for their Kuali implementations as they consider migrating some business systems to the cloud over time.

Randy Ozden, President & CEO at Vivantech