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Secure, reliable, scalable, and affordable administrative software built just for higher education and research institutions.

Based on Kuali software, Ekualiti is a suite of cloud-based ERP software designed specifically for the business process needs of institutions of all sizes. It provides a substantially lower total cost of ownership than proprietary software, and is by far the easiest way to implement Kuali applications.

Institutions may choose to host Kuali system on-site or Vivantech will provide complete cloud-based hosting, disaster recovery services, implementation of releases and upgrades, customizations, and support in –a turn-key fashion, allowing the institution to focus its resources on more strategic priorities. Ekualiti makes it easier than ever to leverage Kuali’s workflow capabilities. Unlike other workflow tools whose user interfaces are just programming languages in disguise, Ekualiti ERP software’s Visual Workflow truly puts simplicity first, enabling easy implementation of simple business processes.

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Small and Medium Institutions

Ekualiti is a natural fit for small to mid-size higher education institutions that may lack the IT resources to successfully develop or deploy open source software solutions. Historically, this has made it difficult for small institutions to adopt solutions like Kuali, but a fully-managed service like Ekualiti completely changes the equation. Now, institutions of all sizes can get their own Kuali servers running in minutes instead of months, and leave the upgrades, bug fixes, backups, and system availability to Vivantech.

Large Institutions

Even though large higher ed institutions are better positioned to develop software solutions internally than small to mid-sized institutions, that doesn’t mean that they can afford to waste money on administrative software. The Ekualiti platform frees higher ed IT departments from getting stuck paying top-dollar for proprietary solutions, and from the hassle of having to deal with deployments, upgrades, backups, and administration of Kuali applications. Ekualiti leverages economies of scale to offer a high-quality, fully automated, secure, and scalable cloud platform to any institution that can benefit from enterprise-grade Kuali software.