Kuali Coeus

Comprehensive University Research Administration Management

Kuali Coeus (KC) is a versatile system designed specifically to manage a research university’s unique and complex research administration needs. It includes all pre-award, submission-to-sponsor, post-award, and compliance functionality.

The kuali community designed KC based on the system functionality and business processes of MIT’s Coeus system, but updated the technical architecture to support vendor independence and integration with other administration systems. KC’s modules are designed to evolve over time to keep pace with sensitive requirement changes in the research and compliance communities.

Why Kuali Coeus?

Take advantage of an integrative, comprehensive research administration support system that can effectively manage detailed tasks and organize data associated with all phases of your university’s research administration from project inception to completion. Or try our cloud-based eRA software which is enhanced from Kuali Coeus.

The KC Modules

Each module comes with a full quality assurance period to ensure adequate testing, configuration, deployment, and documentation. Institutions may implement only the functionality that they need, thanks to the modular composition of KC. In the future, KC will support Bio Safety, Radiation Safety, and automatic submission to Research.gov.

  • Proposal log
  • Proposal and Budget Development
  • Institutional Proposal
  • Automatic submission to Grants.gov
  • Proposal log
  • Awards & Subawards
  • Negotiations
  • IRB (Human Subjects)
  • IACUC (Animal Subjects)
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Questionnaire
  • Report Tracking

KC/KFS Integration

For institutions that choose to implement both KC and the Kuali Financial System (KFS) there is a great added benefit: seamless functional integration between financial management of grants and the institution’s financial system, including effort certification and AR/billing. Vivantech’s experience in integrating KC and KFS allows an implementing institution to approach KC and KFS as a single financial solution for research and finance.

KC Research Administration Implementation and Support

Vivantech’s strong track record with Kuali Coeus implementations has played a critical role in supporting many universities that chose to implement KC. Through widespread functional and technical proficiency in the Kuali Coeus software, Vivantech is able to provide a comprehensive and valuable solution based on your unique situation and needs. We were the first to implement a mobile application for KC, allowing for any-time, any-place document routing and approval, and the only company to provide complimentary KC sandboxes in the cloud.

Kuali Coeus Case Study

Leveraging our vast knowledge and experience of delivered KC functionality to other clients, we can ensure timely delivery of an effective solution, as demonstrated in this Kuali Coeus case study.

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