Kuali Rice

Middleware providing easy, streamlined connections between products

Kuali Rice is an enterprise-class middleware suite of integrated products. Rice provides a reliable model for development and allows applications to be separated into smaller modules that can communicate with each other efficiently and effectively. The greatest advantage of Kuali Rice is that the framework permits a level of infrastructure abstraction, giving application and service developers the ability to focus on solving business problems instead of struggling with technology that was meant to empower them.

Applications can be built with incredible flexibility, giving developers the power to respond quickly to end-user requirements, resulting in high-quality business applications. Kuali Rice was designed to be compatible with both kuali and non-kuali applications, so the use of Rice enables integration of the institution’s entire application portfolio.

Kuali Rice Implementation, Support and Training

Vivantech was chosen by the Kuali Foundation over every other commercial affiliate as the Rice Quality Assurance and Testing partner. As experts in kuali implementation, support, and training for Rice, installation and configuration of a baseline Rice system with “out-of -the-box” functionality can be done in a very brief time period. In addition, Streamlyne Workflow is an excellent SaaS solution that improves upon the kuali software.

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