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Vivantech’s experience with Kuali Student (KS) plays a critical role in supporting universities with their implementation. The Vivantech development team, alongside the Project Manager and functional team at Boston College, assisted the institution with its implementation of their Curriculum Management module, and provided enhancements required for a successful go-live in December, 2013. The team made modifications and changes necessary for BC, including UI enhancements, KIM setup, organizational hierarchy changes and workflow routing. The Vivantech team also supported QA by creating detailed and exhaustive test scripts for end-to-end testing of the Curriculum management module.  These changes were implemented in a timely and efficient manner.  Vivantech is currently providing the same support and resources to the BC implementation of the Curriculum Management Programs module and enhancements to existing functionality.

Boston College has continued its implementation with the Student Accounts module.  The VT team (project management, business analyst and development resources) has been working alongside the BC development team to implement student accounts.  The work includes file based integrations between external systems, infrastructure changes and BC specific customizations as well as requirements and process analysis and documentation, development of test plans and test use cases and project management.

In addition to a dedicated team of experienced KS developers and crucial contributions to core KS code, Vivantech can provide institutions that implement KS a knowledgeable Senior Business Analyst/Kuali Student Lead, who has extensive higher ed experience and expertise in functional modeling, use cases, requirements, analysis and design using waterfall and agile scrum.

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