Workflow Automation

Moving from paper–based document flow (including document approvals) to a complete electronic document (e–Doc) environment offers many advantages. Vivantech can help you reduce the stress from paperwork overload with online forms, managed roles and users, and designated routing and approval rules. We make it simple for you to coordinate workflows in your office, building, campus, or global company.

Vivantech uses the Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW) engine. KEW is an open source business process software tool that allows any organization, private or public, to automate its paper document processes. Even the most intensive, approval-based processes fit well into KEW’s highly flexible framework.

The KEW web-based application allows users across multiple organizations from any location to share business process workflows, customize web forms, manage processes, and generate sophisticated reports. This impressive solution is platform-independent and allows workflows to span multiple software applications.

KEW implementations require no licensing fee. You may realize significant cost reductions if you are currently have licensing costs with your workflow solution.