Vivantech has been involved in Workday implementation and post-production support continuously for over three years. Our Workday-certified resources have integrated the Workday Human Capital Management and Payroll systems with large-scale commercial, open source, and in-house-developed administrative systems, and now provide ongoing client support for the Workday environment.

Focus on Education & Government

The higher education and state & local government market provides a unique and complex set of challenges for system implementation and support. Our mission is to provide service excellence to higher education and government institutions in the form of strategic consulting, software-related implementation and support services, and project management.

As cloud-based service offerings increase, we have concentrated on developing and providing SaaS solutions to our clients, integrated with their broader ecosystems of legacy applications, partners, and service providers. Workday, being the industry leader in SaaS-based business systems, has been a significant component of our practice, as evidenced by the requests we receive to provide professional services to institutions who are considering Workday implementation, as well as those existing Workday clients who desire ongoing support of their Workday environments.

Functional Expertise

Many higher education and government institutions find themselves with a wide range of legacy business applications as they initiate a project to upgrade a subset of their application ecosystem with Workday. We have developed a high degree of expertise integrating various technologies and vendor products as part of the services we provide to help schools with their Workday projects.

It has become evident that any successful Workday project involves not only establishment of the client’s tenant within Workday, but also a host of activities and tasks that are peripheral to the Workday system.  That’s where Vivantech leverages not only its Workday expertise, but also its broader experience in higher education systems environments for the benefit of its clients.  A partial list of such efforts includes:

  • Review and update of the institution’s business processes in order to take maximum advantage of Workday functionality
  • Business requirements clarification to guide configuration of the Workday system
  • Data flow analysis and architectural development to integrate Workday with the rest of the institution’s business application suite and service providers
  • Development of integrations between Workday and the institution’s internal and external systems
  • Security setup and validation
  • Data cleanup, validation, and migration
  • Technical and end-user training
  • Business Intelligence integration and custom report development
  • QA testing of the institution’s overall systems environment

Go-Live Support

Government and academic institutions who implemented Workday have found that subsequent to system Go-Live, particularly during the first year of production, there is a need for ongoing support as they adjust to the new system and begin to enjoy the benefits Workday affords. Vivantech, with Workday-certified functional and technical experts, provides these much-needed services. They include:

  • Adjustment of business requirements, which drives changes to the Workday configuration
  • Accommodation of unanticipated data elements
  • Changes to non-Workday systems that exchange data with Workday
  • Development of new system integrations, or upgrades of existing integrations
  • Security adjustments
  • QA testing of new Workday releases, and required configuration changes
  • Accommodation of new regulatory requirements
  • Development of new reports
  • Ongoing training and documentation development

Flexible Engagement

Our prior Workday experience, broad application knowledge, flexible engagement model, and willingness to invest in strategic relationships will be of great benefit to those who choose Workday. Our engagement philosophy is to partner with academic and government institutions in whatever manner best serves their needs.  Vivantech’s priority is the client’s success. We have developed a flexible engagement model that allows the client to avail itself of Vivantech’s Workday expertise according to whatever business arrangement fits best with its culture and business practices.

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